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Martha Clara Artist in Residence - September 2017

August 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


I am very proud to announce I will be returning to Martha Clara Vineyards as their "Artist in Residence" for the month of September.  We will be holding a "Meet the Artist" reception on Sunday September 3rd, 2017 from 2pm - 5pm in their tasting Pavilion.  I will have a selection of my local North Fork landscapes on display and available for purchase throughout the month of September.  All ages are welcome and admission is free to all so please come down and say hi.

Long Time No Blog Posts - 2016 updates

April 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I just realized it has been over a year since my last blog post, I have no idea how I went that long.  Hopefully there's still an audience out there to read this and I promise to work more on my blog this year and make it worthwhile.

So what's been going on over the past year you ask?  Well, I've been shooting a lot... a lot of local landscapes, a bunch of kids and families, lots of cakes, some engagements, and a good amount of weddings, not to mention spending a lot of quality time with my family and having fun with my kids (plus I finally got back on the ice and started playing hockey again after a 7 year hiatus due to a torn ACL which I never had repaired til last year).

As for the photos, I've been pretty good at updating my landscape stuff on a somewhat regular basis in my North Fork Gallery, I have modified my "People" section into 2 sub sections, the first Kids, Families, & Headshots which has been streamlined more into a portfolio of sorts, and a new section I am very proud of titled Weddings & Engagements which features some highlights from various weddings and engagement shoots I have done (which I am still working on to add more content from last year and will soon be adding from this year as well).  Other than those I have created an Events & Everything Else category which holds photos from events, product photography, automotive shoots and shows, and other odds and ends.

I hope everyone likes the slight changes that have been made and I really look forward to future posts and sharing my work on a more regular basis.  If anyone has any comments or suggestions I'd be more than happy to hear them, I'd love to be more in touch with my audience and have an active relationship with you guys.


- Jon


here's a completely unrelated photo of my kids, Zoey and Max, playing recently



John Vanek's mk2 Jetta GLI

March 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

To celebrate #mk2sday I thought I'd share this shoot I did last fall of a gorgeous mk2 Jetta owned by John Vanek.


John picked up this 1987 Jetta GLI for a few hundred dollars since it was literally being used as a dumpster and had no paint on it. I'm not sure what was going through his head at the time but, as we now see, he must have had a plan and has really done an amazing job.

J.Schusteritsch@gmail.com J.Schusteritsch@gmail.com

This is not John's first mk2, he has had more than I can remember and certainly knows his way around just about any VW, which came in handy when putting this project together. Along the way he learned how to do some body work with the help of some friends, and had those same friends help with the painting which is done in a beautiful Atlas Grey Metallic.


Under the hood John swapped the stock 1.8l motor for a 2.0l ABA. He didn't stop there, he also added a Neuspeed supercharger that he found along with some other light bolt ons, he then cleaned everything up and painted as much as he could before dropping the new power plant into the engine bay. For the exhaust he added a full stainless Bosal exhaust.

J.Schusteritsch@gmail.com J.Schusteritsch@gmail.com

As an overall theme for this Jetta John wanted to keep things as period correct as possible with as many old school rare parts he could find. He added some Kamei hood scoops, Heckblende rear panel, full Recaro interior, Euro hanging console, and lastly, a set of Zender sport wheels straight outta the 80's. Spoiler alert... the car is already undergoing some changes with the acquisition of additional rare and period correct parts, including a new front bumper/grill which is sure to make some people wonder what he was thinking lol.

J.Schusteritsch@gmail.com J.Schusteritsch@gmail.com J.Schusteritsch@gmail.com

I met John through the local VW community many years ago and have really respected everything he has done over the years, hopefully the younger generation can learn a thing or two from him and some of the other guys still doing things for the right reasons.


This shoot was pretty interesting since we did it a couple of days before Halloween and swung by an old, and supposedly haunted, cemetary to get some photos.  I will definitely admit it was a bit more spooky than I had hoped for, we got a few shots and got out of there asap.

J.Schusteritsch@gmail.com J.Schusteritsch@gmail.com

To see the entire shoot, plus others from a shoot the year before, visit the gallery here: http://www.jschusteritsch.com/mehbuiltmk2

If there are any photos you like, in this or any of my automotive galleries, you can now order a 16” x 24” canvas gallery wrap straight from me for you to hang on your walls and enjoy, so don't be shy :-)


Connor's First Birthday Portraits and Cake Smash

February 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I recently had the pleasure of doing a first birthday portrait and cake smash session for an awesome little boy who was turning one.  What makes it even more awesome is that I was there last year for his newborn photos, I love when I get to return to see how much these babies have grown and become part of a family, it’s very rewarding. 

Like most of my first birthday portrait sessions, we started out with a simple background and a more formal feel.  Connor’s dad, Mike, drew up a great chalkboard sign which we used along with an old milk crate that had been in their family for some time.

J.Schusteritsch@gmail.com J.Schusteritsch@gmail.com

Connor was not only incredibly handsome, but also incredibly energetic!  This is just one of the typical challenges with child photography, but with creative efforts and patience, the end results are well worth it even when the child seems to be all over the place (and sometimes the shots with a parent in there doing some "wrangling" turn out to be some of my favorites).


Sometimes you need an older sister to hold you still lol

After all of that fun it was time for the cake to make its appearance and the real fun to begin.  Connor didn’t have any trouble digging in to this cake and really seemed to enjoy the whole idea of it and us adults had a great time as well.

For information on setting up a portrait session and/or cake smash please feel free to contact me.

LI Blizzard - January, 2015

February 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So earlier in the week we were hit with a pretty big storm.  In the end we were blanketed with over 2' of snow with some places getting close to 30".  

Here is a little local barn in the beginning of the blizzard:

A little old barn in Mattituck/Cutchogue that has always caught my eye. I figured it would be a nice landmark to get a before/after shot of our blizzard of 2015 that is hitting us. This was in the afternoon after the flurries had started, the heavy stuff isn't set to hit us til around midnight and last for almost 12 hrs and deliver up to 30" of snow (last I heard), should be an interesting comparison shot if I can get back there tomorrow afternoon.


And here is the same barn about 24hrs later after the snow had stopped:

The little old barn in Mattituck/Cutchogue that I photographed the day of the blizzard, now photographed the day after the blizzard. We were hit with a bit over 2' of snow and lots of wind. It's hard to tell since the wind blew a lot of the snow away from the barn but I can assure you that where I was standing was at least 2' deep.


The strong wind blew the snow everywhere which made for some large snow drifts that the kids didn't mind taking advantage of.  After clearing the driveway I made a little runway for their sleds down one of these snowbanks and they had a ball (it was very soft powdery snow which was ok for them, but it was impossible for me to walk through being so deep).

My daughter, Zoey, enjoying herself:

and my son, Max, having a ball as well:

Zoey learning that sometimes even little kids can get stuck in the deep snow:

Finally, both Zoey and Max figured out that walking in the cleared driveway is a lot easier than trying to get through the deep snow:

Afterward, while the kids went in to warm up with some hot chocolate, I headed out to take some photos of local spots covered in snow (which is when I visited that little barn posted earlier, that was my first stop).  After the barn, I headed out to Horton Point Lighthouse which is always a favorite spot of mine.

Horton Point Lighthouse post BlizzardHorton Point Lighthouse post BlizzardHorton Point Lighthouse after the Blizzard on Long Island.

Horton Point Lighthouse after the blizzard in January, 2015.


After that it was getting a bit late so I decided to make just one more stop at another local favorite spot of mine, the red barn on the North Rd in Cutchogue (the old strawberry farm barn).

Cutchogue Barn after BlizzardCutchogue Barn after BlizzardThe red barn at the old Domaleski strawberry farm blanketed in a nice layer of snow after the LI Blizzard of 2015, aka Juno.

The red barn at the old Domaleski strawberry farm blanketed in a nice layer of snow after the LI Blizzard of 2015, aka Juno.

The red barn at the old Domaleski strawberry farm blanketed in a nice layer of snow after the LI Blizzard of 2015, aka Juno.


These were a little tricky since I had to climb through a snowbank nearly all the way up my legs, then hike across the field a little ways which had well over 2' of snow, but in the end it was worth it since you don't get a view of the barn surrounded by snow every day.  After the photos I turned around to head back to my car and about half way there I realized how small my car looked hidden behind the snowbank (not that it's large to begin with lol).


So that was my blizzard experience.  All in all it wasn't as bad as it could have been; we've definitely had storms in the past that dropped more snow and combined with ice (which this storm luckily didn't have), but it was a decent snowfall and super windy so it definitely shut things down for a bit.  I hope you enjoyed my photos from the storm, if you like any of the landscape ones they are available for purchase (click the photo and it will lead to the gallery where you can purchase).  

Also, for anyone local, I have 5 photos displayed in the upstairs art gallery of the Cutchogue - New Suffolk Library until the end of February, and I will also have a small display being exhibited at the Mattituck Starbucks for the month of February, feel free to stop by and enjoy either and enjoy my work in person (it always looks better printed than viewed on a screen and they're all available for purchase).

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