Midnight Hockey League, Long Island's Premier Hockey League, Fall 2018 Season photos.

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2018-12-15 Evil Monkeys vs Harambe Hitmen at The Rinx - Final2018-12-10 Beers vs Kings at Dix Hills2018-12-05 Tiburones vs Kings Coast Black at Bethpage2018-12-02 Healthy Scratch vs Kings at Superior2018-11-25 Verizon vs Knights at Dix Hills2018-11-25 Kings vs Witness Protection at Dix Hills2018-11-25 All City vs Tailgate at Dix Hills2018-10-28 Kings vs Tailgate at Superior2018-10-22 Misroutes vs Kings Coast Silver at The Rinx2018-10-16 Beers vs Kings at Dix Hills2018-10-14 Healthy Scratch vs Kings at Superior2018-10-10 Assassins vs Kings Coast Silver at The Rinx2018-10-07 Skateful Dead vs Killer Bees at Dix Hills2018-10-07 Renegades vs Augies Garage at Dix Hills2018-10-07 Hockey Underground vs Kings at Dix Hills2018-10-02 No Dekes vs Kings Coast Silver at Dix Hills2018-09-30 Riptide vs Irish Exit at Dix Hills2018-09-30 Avalanche vs Kings at Dix Hills2018-09-22 Spitfires Red vs Dix Fall at The Rinx2018-09-22 Puck Rockers vs Tornados at The Rinx