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Jamie and James North Fork Wedding at Jedediah Hawkins Inn

Tracy and Greg's Wedding at Shandon Court

Joanna and Shane's Montauk Engagement Session

From the Archives:

Montauk holds a special place in the hearts of Joanna and Shane and they wanted it to be a part of their engagement session.  Personally, Montauk holds a special place in my heart as well being the place I proposed to my wife, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to head down to the South Fork and create some special images for an awesome couple.  We started our day at the most symbolic spot, the Montauk Point Lighthouse, where we hiked around the rocks and then headed down to the surrounding beach.  After that we went into the village in search of a Dan's Papers stand... Joanna and Shane love Dan's Papers, so we definitely wanted to find an issue to include in the shoot (and that they could bring home with them).  On our way to find the paper we had to be tourists for a few minutes and stop in front of the famous Memory Motel for a few photos.  Once we found our issue I had them look through it in front of their favorite breakfast establishment, John's Pancake House, before wrapping up our shoot at the Montauk LIRR station.  All in all it was a truly special shoot for all involved.  Stay tuned for photos from their East Wind wedding coming up soon!

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Kristin and Ed's Greenport Engagement Session

From the Archives:

I met up with Kristin and Ed on a quiet evening in Greenport to hang out and create some photos to celebrate their engagement.  We started out at Mitchell Park before heading into the carousel (a must see for anyone visiting Greenport), then headed on over to Greenport Brewing Co. followed by the Scrimshaw to wrap up the evening.  Stay tuned for photos from their East Wind wedding coming soon.

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Sugar Lane Cake Shop Custom Cake Shoot

Some highlights from a cake shoot back in March with Sugar Lane Cake Shop featuring a couple of cakes with fresh flowers and a gender reveal cake adorned with edible gold flakes and some sugar sculpted ice cream swirls.  I've been working with Sugar Lane Cake Shop for a few years now documenting some of the most incredible cakes available on Long Island so expect to see more of our work together in the near future.

A little about Sugar Lane Cake Shop, taken right from their website:

"Sugar Lane Cake Shop specializes in custom cakes and sugar flowers for weddings and all other special occasions. We pride ourselves on using only local, organic, farm fresh ingredients from Long Island's east end farms. For the ingredients that are not produced locally, such as sugar and flour, we make sure to only use the finest organic products!

At Sugar Lane we only create cakes that taste as good as they look. To us that means not using stiff, tasteless fondant on the outside of our cakes. Instead we smooth buttercream to create a facade that has the same smooth appeal as fondant. If a more rustic, textured cake is ideal then buttercream allows us the freedom to do that as well! 

Of course the delightful taste of our cakes does not stop at the buttercream, our cakes are delicious all the way through! The use of farm fresh organic ingredients results in the most fresh, flavorful cakes possible. From homemade fresh berry compotes to cage-free organic eggs, our cakes are the epitome of fresh and flavorful! 

And the best part, our cakes have the option of being vegan and gluten free!"

I can personally attest to the fact that these cakes taste as good, if not better, than they look as I have been lucky enough to try some of their work myself... it is truly delicious.

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Visit Sugar Lane Cake Shop at www.sugarlanecakeshop.com and make sure to like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SugarLaneCakeShop