Amanda and Robbie North Fork Engagement Session

From the archives:

I met up with Amanda and Robbie on a beautiful summer morning on the North Fork to capture some special moments that celebrated their engagement.  I met Robbie through friends and our mutual love for all things Volkswagen and had previously photographed his other love, his bagged mkV .:R32 (more on this car later).  We started our day at a small private farm and then stopped at Laurel Lake Vineyards before ending in Riverhead at an old potato barn that had been repurposed as an auto garage for a movie that was filmed in the area some years ago.  

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About that Volkswagen.... well, Robbie has poured a lot of work into making it what it is and they wanted it to be included in some photos (also, a good friend named Swoops did a lot of the custom air ride work including the hand made hardlines, so they wanted at least one shot that included the air tank with his logo). [email protected]

And what would a Volkswagen shoot be without reenacting a notorious break down?  Don't worry it was just staged, no CEL here (that I know of at least haha). [email protected]


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