Joanna and Shane's Montauk Engagement Session

From the Archives:

Montauk holds a special place in the hearts of Joanna and Shane and they wanted it to be a part of their engagement session.  Personally, Montauk holds a special place in my heart as well being the place I proposed to my wife, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to head down to the South Fork and create some special images for an awesome couple.  We started our day at the most symbolic spot, the Montauk Point Lighthouse, where we hiked around the rocks and then headed down to the surrounding beach.  After that we went into the village in search of a Dan's Papers stand... Joanna and Shane love Dan's Papers, so we definitely wanted to find an issue to include in the shoot (and that they could bring home with them).  On our way to find the paper we had to be tourists for a few minutes and stop in front of the famous Memory Motel for a few photos.  Once we found our issue I had them look through it in front of their favorite breakfast establishment, John's Pancake House, before wrapping up our shoot at the Montauk LIRR station.  All in all it was a truly special shoot for all involved.  Stay tuned for photos from their East Wind wedding coming up soon!

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